A new climbing experience
Luxov® is an innovation for the climbing community allowing a climber to practise rock climbing in a friendly and interactive way.
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An interactive experience
LUXOV® is made up of illuminated climbing holds which indicate your route in real time.
A connected experience
Concentrate only on your climbing.Your bracelet tracks your evolution and accompanies you.
A multi-media experience
The LUXOV® totem suggests routes which are adapted to your level, which helps you and challenges you. It is your own personal assistant.
For gym managers
A operational management system in the gym, which collects and manages climbers data, densifies the number of routes on offer in the gym and allows modifications a lot easier.
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For routesetters
Collect information from users in order to adapt in their demand. You can easily create routes thanks to your routesetting tag. A new route means completely new holds or existing holds linked up together.
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An innovative and patented technology
LUXOV® is an exclusive technology, the fruit of 4 years of Research and Development, based on 5 different registered patents. The system has been designed to be simple to use and to install !
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