• Touch


    Touch sensitive holds that can record and display data on a control console

    The LUXOV® Touch Speed is an interactive speed climbing route made of many different features. 

    • LUXOV® Touch holds that detect precise contact: up to 1000th of a second
    • Control console with:
      • Live visualization of times recorded on personal profile
      • Module including statistics and analyses (optional)
      • Big screen display (optional)
      • Help mode: additional holds to help the beginners (optional)
    • Lights that indicate when to start and when you have finished
    • Available in Solo and Duo

    All-inclusive solution: allowing speed climbers access to training programs helping them track their progression 

    • Access to training modules that detail statistics about attempts and individual holds. Climbers can also track progression and train to improve performance on different parts of the route. Access to rankings: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
    • Records time as soon as you touch the hold
    • Measures how long the climber is in contact with the hold 
    • Accurate to 1/1000th of a second 
    • Training programs available 
    • Easy set-up 
    • Intuitive use of training exercises through a touch-screen
    • Personal performance management interface
    • Interaction with member of a climbing group 
    • Official IFSC speed climbing holds
  • Several classifications of climbers in the climbing gym are organised by day, week, month (...) and are available in the "Classification" tab.

  • NEW Schma Touch Speed 3D En
    Touch Gallery 2
    Touch Gallery 3
    Touch Gallery 4

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