• Bright


    Luminous holds that light up on demand to create connected routes

    A unique patented technology that enable the creation of climbing routes with luminous and informative holds. These Bright holds allow for a new connected kind of climbing experience and conveniently fit to already existing walls. The control console is the heart of the system which offers access to an interface where climbers can create custom routes, record performance data and save everything under their personal account.


    • With the route-setting tool, creating new routes has never been easier.
    • Access to personal account information through the touch-screen console
    • Select climbing routes and colors and see them illuminated directly on the wall
    • With route-setting tool, create as many routes and challenges as you want
    • Access to different training modes
      • Follow mode: A climber can choose a fast, average, or slow pace and the holds will light up at the chosen pace
      • Discovery mode: The holds light up one by one as the climber follows the route. In this way, the climber discovers the route progressively; and therefore, must constantly adapt their climbing style and technique
      • Free lighting: Choose the path from the ground (coach, teacher, etc). This method is perfect to help focus on different kinds training sessions such as stamina or strength
    • Intuitive use of training exercises through a touch-screen
    • Personal performance management interface
    • Easily create your route thanks to the route setter wristband
    • Interaction with member of a climbing group
    • Infinite number of routes on any given wall
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