Discover fun, connected climbing, thanks to an innovative digital system.

Luxov® Bright

Luxov Bright architecture

Patented technology for a bright, new, connected climbing experience.

The system adapts to all existing walls.


The pulpit is the heart of the system.

It contains all the routes that have been created, and the climber’s performance data.

Route-setting tool

This tool enables to create routes faster than the traditional way.

Illumination of the chosen route

Interaction with the climbing community

Creation of games, challenges and training circuits

Create your route easily with the route setter bracelet

The connected bracelet measures performances

Opens climbing up to disabled people

An infinite number of routes on a given wall

Easy to install on a standard wall

Personal performance management interface

Data monitoring in relation to the climbing gym


The LUXOV® Touch measuring system

LUXOV® Touch is a measuring system of connected climbing holds that detect when you touch them. Whatever the size or shape of the hold and no matter where you touch it, the measurement is highly accurate. The climber has access to a detailed record of his achievement, knowing exactly the moment when the hold was touched and the time during which he grabbed it. This unbiased measure has a 2milliseconds precision !

This technology is a true innovation* and has a real potential ! The audience will be able to follow the performance of the climber on the wall. Thus speed climbing is becoming even more remarkable.

Being that precise, the LUXOV® Touch allows the climber to get to know lots of detail about his performance and having access to data regarding the moment when the holds were touched and for how long. Plus, LUXOV® Touch might help the judges during climbing competition.



* Patent granted

For further details regarding the LUXOV® Touch technology, watch the following 2 videos. Both were produced during the 2017 IFSC Youth World Championdhips in Innsbruck, Austria.

LUXOV® Touch – IFSC Youth World Championships in Innsbruck 2017

LUXOV® Touch – IFSC Youth World Championships in Innsbruck 2017 - part. 2

The LUXOV® Touch Speed pack: for a precise measure of intermediate time in speed climbing

The LUXOV® Touch Speed Pack adds interactivity to speed climbing with a luminous countdown at the start and the arrival. Thanks to it, the climber can see the time of climbing live, record them and know at what time each hold was touched. 

The product is available both in SOLO (1 route) and DUO (2 routes), in 10m and 15m as followed:

  • Pulpit indicating your climbing times, allowing to manage the profiles and records
  • Luminous countdown at the start
  • Luminous indicator in the end


  • Module including statistics and analyses with a training program for top athletes (The Olympic Games are coming!)
  • Big screen display
  • "Help mode": additional holds to help the beginners




As the official partner of the international Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), the LUXOV® team is working everyday to understand and answer the contemporary high-level climbing issues. The LUXOV Touch Speed was introduced to the climbers on a demonstration wall during the IFSC World Cups of Chamonix and Villars-sur-Ollons in July 2018. Watch the following video :

LUXOV® Touch – IFSC Youth World Championships in Innsbruck 2017 - part. 2

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