• Exercising


    Discover or rediscover climbing while exercising with this connected experience.


    Discover or rediscover a different side of climbing with LUXOV® exercising! With full climbing activity features, LUXOV® offers a new, entertaining experience that is motivating as well as educational! LUXOV®’s digital wall allows route creation and route management while providing the flexibility to “multiply” possible routes on a given space.

    Who are the users?

    • All level climbers: LUXOV® EXERCISING allows climbers to follow progress and track improvements and share information and achievements
    • Paraclimbers: offers features to the visually impaired
    • Route setters interested in creating a new environment that maximizes the number of routes providing the best access to all level climbers


    • Exercising Speed Olympic
    • Exercising Speed Full System
  • Bright 6
    Flex Gallery 2
    Flex Gallery 1
    Flex Gallery 3

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