Youth Olympic Games 2018

Sport Climbing had its first major Olympic experience at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games that took place 6-18th October 2018. 3 997 young athletes competed during those Games including 40 climbers and among them… was LUXOV®!


  • First Olympic experience


Our Olympic attendance was partly due to our IFSC partner status. However this was not the sole reason as we didn’t arrived in Rio de la Plata, the location of the climbing competition, with empty suitcases. Our recent innovation crossed the Atlantic with us! 6 of our LUXOV® Touch Speed holds furnished the official speed walls. Thanks to them it was possible to analyze the achievements of the young climbers at key areas along the route!


  • Feel the future with LUXOV®


These Youth Olympic Games were also the opportunity for us to unveil our latest innovation. After the LUXOV® Bright, the LUXOV® Touch and the LUXOV® Touch Speed, the time had come to divulge our 3D visualization system for climbing routes! There was no better place to do so than this event which gathered the best young climbers under 18, the same that might take part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games! The innovation totally matched the leitmotiv of those 2018 Games: “Feel the future”.


Our 3D visualisation system will turn the climbing world upside down: from the reading of the routes to the route setting, including the way of climbing in itself!


  • LUXOV® honored during those Games


Doubtlessly the best climbers and trainers in the world were impressed by the endless possibilities offered by the Touch Speed… Same for the 3D and international route setters. “What’s amazing is that LUXOV® shifted the boundaries by combining new technologies with methods we used for years” revealed Jérôme MEYER, IFSC Head of Olympic Coordination present in Argentina.

Last but not least, Charlotte Durif, member of the LUXOV® Team, was also part of the adventure as one of the Athlete Role Models!

One could say this first Olympic adventure was a complete success for LUXOV®! We’ll conclude using Jérôme MEYER’s words: “what’s truly interesting is to see the other innovations it’s going to drive”.