A growing trend in the world of sports is the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. This is an athletic competition, broadcast as a TV show, where some of the best athletes are put to the ultimate test to complete a series of challenges, testing their speed, agility, strength and endurance. It has prompted many gyms to open specializing in warrior training, helping to prepare the next generation for the coming challenges and obstacles.

The Ninja obstacle course, found in the heart of the commercial center of La Part-Dieu in Lyon, was a huge success this past summer for kids and parents alike. This project was designed by Thomas Ballet, season 2 winner of Ninja Warrior, who focused on creating a Ninja course that would cater to children between the ages of 6 and 12. One of the main movements of this sport is climbing, so what better way to train the next generation of athletes than to include climbing holds that are digitally connected?









Partnering with the commercial center of La Part-Dieu and Ninja Box, LUXOV® provided their system of climbing holds for the event. Sensitive to contact, these holds change color after being touched, helping to bring the wall to life. This fun new way of climbing has endless possibilities for kids and climbers seeking another fun dimension of the sport.

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